About DonnaLynn Music
Donna Lynn Davis loves to sing, write songs,
and play acoustic guitar.
Musical friends have always been welcome to join in onstage, in the recording studio, or in casual song circles.  Husband, Terry Davis, plays bass guitar, Dobro, lap steel, and other string things while adding vocal harmony to the mix.  Married six weeks after they met, music has been at the core of their relationship from the beginning. “She played a Donovan tune for me on our second date,” says Terry, “and I loved it! Then she played a song entitled Woman and the Man and I asked who wrote that one?” She said, “I did”. “Well,” he said, “that was it for me!”

While Terry’s musical history included playing in high school “northwest rock” bands, Donna loved the folk scene influenced by Peter, Paul & Mary, Buffy St. Marie, and Donovan. Donna and friend, Cheryl, sang and played together all through junior high and high school. Inspired and encouraged by choir instructor, Rob Roy, Cheryl & Donna performed for school assemblies, private and citywide social programs, county fairs, and the Pendleton Round-Up Main Street Show. Of course, the Beatles were truly the focus of Donna’s attention (with her dearest friends) in those days and, in fact, “We all went to Love in Las Vegas performed by Cirque de Soliel in December 2006! What an absolute treat! Beatles Forever!” says Donna.

Terry, Donna and Mike Morgan formed the trio, Old Friends (named after a favorite Guy Clark song) in 1997 and played together for several years around Portland and the greater Northwest. “Three-part harmony is something special for me,” says Donna. “I think, hear, and feel in harmony.”

Donna Lynn and Terry Davis"We love making music together and with friends," she remarks. "And I love the process of songwriting. You have a vision, a story to tell, a feeling you want to create. Sometimes a song takes on a life of its own and you are just holding the pen. Overall, we are grateful to the folk artist community and the audiences who continue to be encouraging and supportive."

Recently, all attentions have been directed toward completing the newest CD, Open My Heart. “And it is finally done!” says Terry. “Wasn’t it John Lennon who wrote: “Life is just what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”?? We have both lost our mom’s in the last year-and-a-half. Mothers take precedence! And we have dedicated this CD to our mothers’ memory.”  “Donna has so many songs she has written that we want to record and share,” Terry adds. “We are ready to get back to the studio.”

Thank you so much for your interest and support.